May 2017

Episode 1

So, Klätterpodden is now a podcast for real! The first episode is up on SoundCloud and iTunes so far, but I’m working on getting it nicely integrated on the webpage as well. I talk with climber and instructor Niclas Henriksson about how he came to climbing, among other things. It’s in Swedish, as most episodes are likely to be, so for you non-swedish speakers out there; just enjoy the sound of the Swedish language. I […]

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Accidents do happen

This is my account of an accident I had a couple of weeks ago. It started as a way to work through what happened, to process it even though I felt OK mentally. From there I kept working on it and thought it could be interesting to share. It was a humbling experience and has forced me to take a step back and consider how I look at the risk associated with climbing, and of overconfidence. For […]

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