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Accidents do happen

This is my account of an accident I had a couple of weeks ago. It started as a way to work through what happened, to process it even though I felt OK mentally. From there I kept working on it and thought it could be interesting to share. It was a humbling experience and has forced me to take a step back and consider how I look at the risk associated with climbing, and of overconfidence. For […]

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How strong is your rope?

  So, the other day I got my first real core shot (the sheath is damaged so the core is visible) while climbing in Skevik. I’ve read about how easily (if not often) it can happen but kinda thought “Naw, that’s not gonna happen”. But it did, and thankfully I had an awesome belayer (thank you Niclas) who saw the damage before I could continue climbing. It turned out that even part of the core […]

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